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Increase your Italian word power with study aids such as flashcards, wordlists, glossaries, and proverbs.

100 Ways to Say I Love You in Italian
Whether it's an operatic aria, a love poem, or whispered sweet nothings, many people think that the phrase "I love you" is best voiced in Italian (which is, after all, a romance language). Here's a multitude of ways to express your love, lust, like, or feigned interest to that certain someone.

Calendario di Proverbi
A calendar of Italian proverbs reads like the Old Farmer's Almanac or a long-range weather forecast. Historically Italy has been largely an agrarian culture, hence the preponderance of sayings and adages about the weather, farming, wine, and food.

Ho Paura!

How To Say I Love You In Italian
Italian is the language for lovers and the mother tongue of the renowned seducer Casanova. Learn how to whisper sweet nothings to your sweetheart in Italian!

Italian Language Audio Phrasebook
Glossary of essential terms by topic. A special feature from your Italian Language SiteGuide.

Italian Proverbs: In Vino Veritas
Italian is rich in short pithy sayings that reveal much about the traditions and cultural heritage of Italy. Not surprisingly, given the large variety of regional differences in the Italian language, there are also proverbs in dialect.

Italian SMS
Just when you thought you figured out which direction the accent points in the word perché comes a new 21st-century way of writing Italian. Popularized by young people via SMS and e-mail communication, the new spelling uses mathematical symbols, homonyms, numbers, and abbreviations to speed up the transfer of messages.

Italian Word of the Day
The Italian word of the day. Hear a new word every day in Italian and a phrase using the Italian word in an example.

Mangia! Mangia!
In Italian, there are a multitude of proverbs and terms that use the word mangia.

Most Common Italian Words
What are the 100 most commonly used Italian words? It's a frequently asked question, usually under the assumption that learning those words first will enable one to begin conversing more quickly in Italian.

Most Searched For Terms on Google Italia in 2010
For a snapshot of what occupied the Italian mindset in 2010—at least online—look no further than lo Zeitgeist italiano 2010 di Google (Google Zeitgeist 2010). During the last month of the year, Google releases its annual Google Zeitgeist report which, Google says, "captures the spirit of the year"—in this case, the interests and passions,...

Names For Italian Inhabitants
Romans come from Rome. Sardinians come from Sardinia. And Venetians come from Venice. But how do Italians refer to themselves in their native language?

Va' Al Diavolo
While the sentiment isn't simpatico, sometimes you're forced to proclaim it: Go to Hell! It could be in response to a perceived insult, a misdeed, or an instance of road rage. Whatever the reason, there are a number of nuanced ways to express your wrath in Italian.

Aforismi e Citazioni
Search by keyword for Italian aphorisms and quotations, or click on a word to discover a new saying.

Vis-Ed Italian Vocabulary Cards
The selection of words for these 1000 cards comes from a correlation of vocabularies of typical and popular college texts.

Dizionario dei Proverbi Italiani
Collection of Tuscan proverbs classified by topic.

Italian On-The-Go
Pocket-sized illustrated flash cards with word sets featuring Italian verbs, Italian adjectives and adverbs, and Italian vocabulary. Blank cards also available to create personalized vocabulary lists.

La Parolaccia!
Collection of parolacce and frasi di insulto submitted by site visitors. Includes the word or phrase in dialect and a translation in standard Italian.

Language Express
Language Learning Flashcards contain nearly 400 useful vocabulary words with a central theme on each card.

Screensaver that helps users learn a foreign language. Choose two languages to be displayed—for instance, English and Italian—and when your computer goes into sleep mode, the screensaver will display words, phrases, and verb conjugation forms in both English and Italian. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Proverbi Master
Comprehensive list of Italian proverbs indexed by key term.

Sinonimi Master
List of synonyms and antonyms organized alphabetically by the first three letters of the word. Each word in the list of synonyms is clickable as well, leading to yet another list of potentially appropriate words.

SmartPhrase Italian Vocabulary Lists
Online phrasebook of Italian words and terms organized by categories.

italian sayings money
Italian sayings about money

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