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Italian For Travelers

Taking a trip to Italy and want to learn Italian? You might have purchased tickets for a group tour to Tuscany, or are visiting relatives in southern Italy, but what if you can't ask a question, decipher a menu, or use the phone?

Traveling To Italy
Italian Language Spotlight10

Formation of Italian Plural Nouns Ending in -CO and -GO

Forming the plurals of Italian words ending in -co and -go can be a challenge.

Formation of Italian Plural Nouns Ending in -CIA and -GIA

In Italian, the correct spelling of feminine plural nouns ending in-cia and -gia can be perplexing.

Phonotactic Doubling in Italian

In Italian, phonotactic doubling refers to the "doubling" that takes place when pronouncing the initial consonant of a word linked to the previous one.

Formation of Italian Plural Nouns Ending in -IO

The plural of Italian nouns ending in -io depends on the tonicity of the letter i and the various possible spellings.

Cut It Out: Truncation in Italian

Truncation, sometimes called clipping, is the word formation process which consists in the reduction of a word to one of its parts. Examples include mo'

Italicized Italian (That's Not a Typo)

Truncation in Italian

Truncation is the clipping or shortening of a phonetic element (vowel, consonant, or syllable) at the end of a word.

Soft C

In Italian the term soft C (C dolce) refers to a sound that is similar to the English ch (as in chip).

Hard C

In Italian the term hard C (C dura) refers to a sound that's similar to [k] in English. Examples include: caro, chiacchierare, and quadrato.

Holy Wine

That would be vin santo...or is it vino santo? The answer depends on the time of year and the type of grape. According to the blog Italian Grapevine, vin santo

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