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Slang Dictionaries

Find the latest Italian slang here, including lingo, jargon, and colorful expressions.

Devil's Italian Dictionary
Enigmi, fabuloserie, anagrammi, cruciverba, polisenso. For every word in the Italian dictionary there is the potential for wordplay, whether it be a palindrome, spoonerism, pangram, or some other verbal twist.

Italian Adult Slang
An uncensored guide to Italian colloquial expressions, shocking idioms, hard-core curses, scatological words for body functions and parts, expletives, off-color phrases, and euphemisms.

Italian Slang Dictionary
Common slang words and colloquial expressions in Italian with definitions in English. Entries also identify the Italian word or phase by type.

Italian Slang: Le Parolacce
It's the dirty little secret of foreign language learning that often takes place by referring to banned books, speaking in hushed tones with a wink and a nod, or cornering someone in the know.

Alternative Italian Dictionary
Often vulgar, never dull, this list contains Italian slang and off-color expressions not found in conventional dictionaries.

Italian Curse Words
A brief list of common Italian vulgarities and foul language. Not for the easily-insulted.

Mobspeak Glossary
Excerpted from The Mafia Handbook with examples of terminology stereotypically associated with the Mafia in the United States, and often by extension with the larger Italian-American community.

Un vocabolario (oppure, una vera e propria 'enciclopedia dello slang') online di espressioni gergali e giovanili della lingua italiana.

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