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Sicilian Proverbs

Part 5: Sicilian Proverbs


Siracusa: Palazzo del Senato

Siracusa: Palazzo del Senato

Riccu si pò diri cui campa cu lu so' aviri.
English translation: One who lives within his means can be said to be rich.

Si jinnaru 'un jinnaría, frivaru malu pensa.
English translation: If it isn't wintry in January then expect the worst in February.

Sìggiri prestamenti, pagari tardamenti; cu' sa qualchi accidenti, non si ni paga nenti.
English translation: Collect promptly, pay slowly; who knows, in case of an accident, you'll pay nothing.

Supra lu majuri si 'nsigna lu minuri.
English translation: We learn by standing on the shoulders of the wise.

Tinta dda vucca chi cci cadi lu primu denti!
English translation: Sore is the mouth that loses its first tooth.

Una bedda jurnata nun fa stati.
English translation: One beautiful day doesn't make a summer.

Unni cc'è focu, pri lu fumu pari.
English translation: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Unni cc'è oru, cc'è stolu.
English translation: Gold attracts a crowd.

Vali cchiù un tistimonìu di visu, chi centu d'oricchia.
English translation: The testimony of one eyewitness is worth more than the hearsay of a hundred.

Vecchiu 'nnamuratu, di tutti è trizziatu.
English translation: When an old man falls in love he is teased by everyone.

Vutu nun sidisfattu è comu nun s'avissi fattu.
English translation: An unfullfilled vow is as if it had not been made.

Zicchi e dinari su' forti a scippari.
English translation: Ticks and money are difficult to pluck out.

Zoccu è datu da Diu, nun pò mancari.
English translation: What is given by God, can't be lacking.

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