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Learn about simple Italian prepositions, improper prepositions, and prepositional articles.

Italian Prepositions
In Italian, a preposition (preposizione) is an invariable part of speech that links words and phrases. It specifies a reciprocal relationship and the syntactical function of the word, phrase or sentence that follows it.

Italian Preposition Di
In Italian, the preposition di expresses the meaning of "belonging to someone or something." This ownership can translate into a wide variety of specificity, and indicate origin or provenance, kinship, material, quality, and comparisons.

Italian Preposition Da
The Italian preposition da means "from, since, at." It can also indicate either location or movement to a place.

Italian Preposition A
In Italian, the preposition a expresses the sense of direction and has a wide range of uses.

Italian Preposition In
In Italian, the preposition in expresses the sense of sharing a place, either in time or space, and can also indicate an encounter with someone or something.

Italian Preposition Con
The Italian preposition con expresses the concept of participation or union.

Italian Preposition Su
The Italian preposition su generally expresses the concept of being above (or on top of) or indicates proximity or approximation.

Italian Preposition Per
The Italian preposition per expresses the sense of crossing through or a means by which one can travel. However, it can take on many different meanings depending on the elements to which it refers.

Italian Prepositions Tra and Fra
The Italian prepositions tra and fra indicate the concept of an intermediate position (not necessarily central) with respect to two or more elements, especially in time and space.

Italian Improper Prepositions
Italian improper prepositions (preposizioni improprie) are adverbs, adjectives, verbs, or phrases used as prepositions.

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