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Learn the Italian alphabet, review basic grammar lessons, study verbs, build your vocabulary, practice with workbook exercises, and find other resources to learn Italian.
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Italian Language Lessons
Learn Italian with these free online Italian language lessons. Includes lessons on Italian grammar, lessons on Italian spelling and pronunciation, and lessons on Italian nouns, verbs, adverbs, objects, and other parts of speech.

Before You Buy An Italian Textbook, Dictionary, CD, or Tape
Bilingual or Italian only? Beginner or advanced? A pocket guide phrase book or a college-level textbook? Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing an Italian textbook, dictionary, CD, or tape.

Italian Language Lessons
Italian lessons with instruction in grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary. A special feature from your Italian Language SiteGuide.

Italian Language Students Speak La Bella Lingua
Italian language classes for beginners to advanced in New York City. Learn Italian through conversation, listening to native Italians, and being immersed in la bella lingua. Customized Italian language courses and private Italian tutoring also available with a dynamic, spirited teacher.

National Foreign Language Week
It's National Foreign Language Week! Don't keep putting off your dreams of learning a new language; this is your chance to get started with free lessons online at About.com.

BBC Italian Language Online
Transcripts of the popular BBC television program devoted to Italian and supplementary exercises.

Professore Pinocchio leads this interactive learning course with an abundance of material. For navigators looking for an engaging program and practical approach.

Italian Electronic Classroom
For the intermediate student, a textbook containing idiomatic expressions, nouns, verbs, and grammar in Italian only.

Visit the virtual campus of Italian language and culture. For the intermediate/advanced student, this site is the wave of the future in online language study.

Oggi E Domani
Interactive Italian language course. Activities include interactive exercises, bulletin, chat room, and sound files.

One World Italiano
Online lessons including exercises, dialogue, grammar, proverbs, and dictation. Available in English, French, German, and Japanese.

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