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Italian Literature / Italian Authors

Read Italian/English texts side-by-side and research both classic and modern Italian writers.
  1. Boccaccio (13)
  2. Dante (19)
  3. Petrarca (8)

History of the Italian Language
From a local Tuscan dialect to the language of a new nation.

Italian Addventures
Ready for an Italian addventure? That's not a misspelling. An "addventure" is a type of collaborative interactive fiction in which many authors contribute to a story. It's a phenomenon that has grown recently with the introduction of technology such as wikis and other content management systems that make it easier for groups to contribute or modify text.

Linguality Italian Book Club
Reading Italian literature can be demanding for non-native speakers since frequently referring to a dictionary can become tedious. Fortunately, there's a new way to read recently published Italian fiction and nonfiction almost as effortlessly as reading books in English—the Linguality Italian Book Club.

Machiavelli: Prince of Politicians?
Maybe it's time Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush brushed up on their Italian lessons and dusted off their copy of Nicolò Machiavelli's Il Principe, the definitive political guide written by the Italian Renaissance statesman almost 500 years ago.

Rage and Pride Ignites a Firestorm
La Rabbia e l'Orgoglio, by Oriana Fallaci, is a provocative, scornful essay which first appeared in the country's leading newspaper, Corriere della Sera, and is a scathing, expletive-ridden indictment of Muslim immigrants and Italian ambivalence towards the United States.

Top 10 Italian Literature and Stories About Italy
There are a number of Italian texts, both classic and contemporary, that are must-reads for anyone interested in the history, culture, and language of Italy. Whether it's a trip to hell and back, a year's worth of love poems, or ribald, course humor during the plague, there's a tale for everyone.

Write Your Own Italian Short Story
The community members of the About Italian Language Forum have started their own short story workshop, and the results are a pure pleasure to read.

Biblioteca dei Classici della Letteratura Italiana
Online text of classic Italian literary works such as Dante, Goldoni, Manzoni, and Pirandello. Also includes critical reviews of major works divided by historical periods.

Biblioteca della Letteratura Italiana
Anthology of Italian literature with thousands of works available from Italian authors. Downloadable in PDF format.

International media and entertainment store with books, music, DVD/video and gifts, all in Italian!

Italian short stories online featuring new authors and literary trends. Includes a "poet 'o' matic" for unpublished poets.

Club Letterario Italiano
For aspiring writers in Italian. Enter writing contests, review books, read author biographies and interviews, and find out how to get your Italian work published.

The "mensile di facile lettura" is a monthly online magazine written in Italian for beginners to intermediates on a variety of topics including sports, culture, politics, and current events.

Download electronic books in Italian. Choose the book you want, pay by credit card, download it on your PC, Mac or handheld device, and read it using Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Reader.

Eco, Umberto
Listen to audio files of Eco's lectures, read the author's biography, and peruse reviews. Also includes essays and unpublished short works, and a collection of quotes from Italy's leading semiotician.

Internet Bookshop Italia
Lives up to its claim as La grande libreria italiana online with special offers, recommendations, millions of titles, a literary café, and Italian best-sellers.

IntraText CT
Classical and modern Italian texts converted into an interactive hypertext system consisting of text, word lists, concordances, and statistics. An essential tool for linguists, scholars, or anyone else interested in analyzing Italian literary works.

Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana
Literary, scientific, and catalog information for large Italian publisher of encyclopedias and other study resources. [In Italian]

Italian American Press
Lists and promotes Italian Americans and other self-published authors. Also sells instructional used books on writing and other subjects as well as collectible sheet music, including a number of memorable Italian songs.

Italian Bookstore
Italian books and audiobooks, dictionaries, language software, children books, cookbooks, Italian fiction and literature, Italian-American fiction and studies.

La Verità di Alberto Moravia
Alberto Moravia's "La verità" with annotations in Italian and English. Presented by the University of Delaware Italian Reading Assistants.

Letteratura Dimenticata
Letteratura Dimenticata features children's literature, romantic fiction for adults, and poetry from between 1870 and 1940.

Librerie Guida
Online Italian bookstore with an out-of-print catalogue, CD's, search, a bookclub, news, and reviews.

Machiavelli: The Prince
Biography of Niccolò Machiavelli, images, summary and outline of The Prince, famous quotes, and complete online text of Il Principe.

Mestiere di Scrivere
Writing for the Web in Italian, with notes, links, and a glossary.

Opera del Vocabolario Italiano
Rich database resource containing vernacular texts. The verse and prose works include early masters of Italian literature as well as lesser-known and obscure texts by poets, merchants, and medieval chroniclers. [In Italian and English]

Paraphased poems of a variety of language (in Italian). Also explains rhetorical figures and metric forms.

Poesia Italiana
Italian poetry from the second half of the 20th century organized by writer.

Progetto Duecento
Extensive archive of the collected texts of Italian poetry from the 1200's to Dante in Italian. With critical notes, information on several scuole poetiche and downloads available.

Progetto Pico
A collaborative project between Università degli Studi di Bologna and Brown University dedicated to The Discourse on the Dignity of Man (1486) by Pico della Mirandola, considered by many to be the manifesto of the Renaissance.

Project Gutenberg
Downloadable e-books in Italian featuring a wide variety of authors.

Storia della Lingua Italiana
The history of Italian—in Italian. Topics include political boundaries and language barriers, emigration and immigration, and the many diverse Italian languages spoken in Italy today.

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