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Italian Before You Know It

Learn Italian in a Flash


Italian Before You Know It

Italian Before You Know

What's old is new again in Italian language software. Flash cards, a traditional method for learning Italian vocabulary, have been brought into the 21st century with Italian Before You Know It, an easy-to-use drill for beginners to advanced learners.

Electronic Flashcards
Download the Italian Before You Know It application to your PC, Pocket PC, or Palm, and you can listen to specialized lists and phrases presented in an interface that resembles flash cards. These aren't dog-eared index cards from grade school, though, but interactive flash cards that allow you to hear each Italian word, write out each term or phrase, and even record your own voice. The CD-ROM contains more than 70 lists totaling 1,000 common words and 250 essential phrases, grouped in topics such as adjectives, animals, asking for directions, meals, school, shopping, and travel.

Grocery Lists, To-Do Lists, Christmas Lists
One of the unique features of the Italian Before You Know It software is the ability to expand on the original lists of words that are part of the CD-ROM. Users can build their own flash card lists, for example, by creating a list of Italian vocabulary words to study for a class or a list of phrases to practice for a specific situation. Lists can be shared with friends and colleagues or imported from other Transparent Language programs. Additional lists are available by signing up for a free "list of the week" at the Before You Know It web site.

In A Learning Mood
The flash card drills have several learning modes to reinforce learning Italian vocabulary. In the Recognize It mode a native Italian voice pronounces the word. Clicking on the card flips it to the English translation, and the user scores points for correctly translating the word. The Know It exercise tests your knowledge of the information in your list by having you type the translation in your native language.

There's also an exercise in which the user says the Italian word and then checks the pronunciation on-screen. As you get answers right more often, your scores and progress chart will change to reflect your improvement. Scoring continues until you've proven mastery of a word. You also have the option of listening to sound in all the exercises.

In addition to the learning mode, there's a non-scoring practice mode. These activities help you practice matching the material in your lists, focus on your ability to recognize individual spoken Italian words or phrases, and test your ability to type it correctly. As you do, you'll be honing your listening comprehension, increasing your spelling skills, and learning new Italian vocabulary.

Success In A Flash
For beginners to advanced learners, Before You Know It can be a simple and effective way to master Italian vocabulary. Whether for business, travel, or school, you can quickly build a personal library of Italian word lists. Students can create new lists to study for quizzes and tests, teachers can build an extensive library of shared vocabulary and phrases for their students, and business professionals can use their PDAs to memorize special terms. And if you have a bit of nostalgia for the flash cards of old, you can even print the cards, carry them in your pocket or backpack, and use them the old-fashioned way!

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