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Annotated index of Italian-language dictionaries including bilingual, Italian-only, cooking, slang, and specialized.
  1. Italian-English (38)
  2. Cooking Dictionaries (5)
  3. Italian Only Dictionaries (20)
  4. Slang Dictionaries (8)

How to Decipher an Italian Dictionary Entry
An Italian dictionary entry is a complex set of elements that can provide a wealth of information about an Italian term. A typical entry includes several common linguistic and grammatical components.

Look It Up: Italian Dictionaries
One resource common to all, whether a beginner or advanced student, a native Italian speaker or a teacher, is a dictionary. Consult this guide to online, print, and downloadable Italian dictionaries and you'll always know the meaning of the word.

Top 10 Italian Dictionaries
Look it up in the dictionary! That's what you've always heard when you wanted to know how to spell a word. Here is a list of recommended Italian language dictionaries including college-level, picture, and slang.

Types of Italian Dictionaries
The best-known type of Italian dictionary is undoubtedly the monolingual dictionary. There are many other types of dictionaries, though, including the bilingual dictionary, the usage dictionary, the historical dictionary, the etymological dictionary, and the dictionary of frequency.

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