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Start learning Italian with lessons, audio, and quizzes. Practice with workbook exercises and study guides. Plus study tips to maximize your efforts, and a section especially for children.
  1. What is Italian?
  2. Italian Study Tips
  3. Introduction to Italian
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  5. Italian Lessons
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What is Italian?

Find out more about the history of the Italian language, why it's called a romance language, how many people speak Italian, and whether it's easier than learning English. Also, learn some of the many reasons to study Italian, and how Italian has influenced English (and vice versa).

Italian Study Tips

There is no silver bullet when it comes to learning a foreign language. There is rote memorization, conjugation tables, and the dreaded grammar. But some techniques are more effective than others.

Introduction to Italian

Start learning Italian with introductions and greetings, and master the essentials with quick, step-by-step instructions.


Italian is a phonetic language; in other words, what you see is what you pronounce. Start your study of Italian by learning how to pronounce the alphabet, double consonants, and words.

Italian Lessons

Learn the basics in Italian with these simple, direct lessons in grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary.


Test your knowledge of beginner's Italian with these quizzes. Includes links to relevant lessons for each question.


Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary with the Italian word of the day, vocabulary lists of terms by topic, and survival phrases.

Italian For Children

It's never too early to teach your child Italian. There's an illustrated alphabet with audio, counting exercises in Italian, conversation with children, and colors.

Polling Station

Why are you learning Italian? Should Italy outlaw English phrases? Cast your vote on issues related to the Italian language.

Learning To Speak Italian in Italy

One woman's twelve-part adventure in fluency. Bonnie Smetts first fell in love with Italian when she decided to take a few classes before visiting a friend who'd moved to Umbria. Five years later, she's studied all the grammar, read stacks of classics, and participated in myriad conversation groups. The time has come for her to be fluent in Italian.

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