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Italian games, crossword puzzles, tongue-twisters, and more. Learning a foreign language can be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Buon Divertimento
Jokes, puns, and riddles in Italian updated regularly. A special feature from your Italian Language SiteGuide.

Corso di Formazione per Uomini
There's a course for everything, and now there's a course in Italian for becoming a man. The objective, of course, is to become as intelligent as a woman (that is, become perfect). So get ready to study, men, because this class requires a lot of work.

Italian Language e-Mail Flame Form
Weary of all those e–mail chain letters promising riches, fame, and fortune? Tired of all that spam clogging your e–mail box? Do your friends blatantly disregard netiquette? Respond to all that fesseria (foolishness) and those catene di Sant'Antonio (chain letters) in Italian with this satirical, irreverant flame form!

Italian Rebus
Italian pictionary. A riddle with pictures and symbols in Italian. Leonardo doodling in his notebooks. However it is described, and whatever form it takes, an Italian rebus is a divertimento that will also help improve your Italian vocabulary.

Italian Word Trivia
If you're looking for a linguistic challenge, try an Italian word game such as Scarabeo (Scrabble), Paroliere (Boggle) or a cruciverba (crossword puzzle). It's a great divertimento and a terrific way to improve your vocabulary skills.

So You Wanna Be a Sopranospeak Expert?
Ever wonder what "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" might look like if there were only questions that tested your knowledge of the dialogue on the HBO TV show "The Sopranos"? Take the quiz and find out how you would do (there are no prizes, the boxes of ziti only indicate difficulty).

What Plant Are You?
A horoscope with plant entries in Italian and English. The next time someone asks you in Italian: Ma tu di che pianta sei? you'll know how to respond!

Who Wants to Be an Italian Language Expert?
«Vuoi diventare miliardario?» Ever wonder what "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" might look like if there were only Italian language questions? Try "Who Wants to Be an Italian Language Expert - the Trivia Game" and find out how you would do.

Zuppa di Alfabeto: Italian Abbreviations and Acronyms
Italian acronyms such as AQ, BOT, ISTAT, and SNAproFIN might make your head spin, but you'd have to be pazzo to write or speak the complete phrase instead of substituting the appropriate abbreviated form. Includes a glossary of Italian abbreviations, acronyms, and initials.

Linguistic game for increasing your Italian vocabulary. Players, in turn, search for the associations between given definitions and the corresponding words in blocks of ten.

Editrice Giochi
Purchase Italian board games such as Monopoli, Risiko, Scarabeo, and Il Paroliere online. Also includes electronic games and a discussion of the history of various games.

Il Cruciverba: La Repubblica
Weekly online crossword puzzle in Italian from La Repubblica with solution.

Il Motore Anagrammatico
Brush up on your Italian Scrabble skills with this anagram generator.

Portal for Italian games of all types with links to Italian gaming associations, word games, Italian card games, math games, logic games, and games for children.

Lessico e Nuvole
Rebus, frasi celebri, qui pro quo, grammelot, limerick, lapsus, babazuf, xyxxy, enigmi, fabuloserie, parole, lettere, and scambi. Lots of word games, puzzles, and mind-benders. [in Italian]

Lo Sciogliscilinguagnolo
Online journal of information, current events, oddities, and games relating to the Italian language. Also has an archive with many interesting entries about unusual Italian words and linguistic quirks.

Lupo Alberto
The most famous Italian comic strip character, a blue wolf named Lupo, is every young Italian's favorite.

«Maccherò, io me te magno!»
One of the most famous comedy scenes in Italian film history. Listen to Alberto Sordi talk to his plate of spaghetti.

Simpsons Archive in Italian
Niente birra per Homer! FAQ's, guides, and a «lista degli episodi» in Italian.

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