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Children's Italian

Specially for children - Italian language learning sites featuring nursery rhymes, counting exercises, videos, children's songs, and cartoons. It's never too early to learn a foreign language.

Geronimo Stilton: Italy's Answer to Harry Potter
The publishing phenomenon Harry Potter has a new competitor, a furry little creature that speaks Italian and, ironically, is named after a British blue cheese.

Italian ABC's for Children
Illustrated Italian alphabet for children. Hear both the letter and word spoken by a native Italian speaker.

Italian Animal Sounds
A barking dog is a barking dog—unless that cane happens to live in Italy. Then, instead of "bow-wow," he'll be yapping "bau-bau." At least that's how an Italian would describe the sound. So do Italian animals speak a different language?

Italian Colors for Children
Hear green, white, red, and all the other colors!

Italian Conversation For Children
Conversazione per i bambini: an afternoon at the beach, a birthday party, and more!

Italian For Children
Teach your child the Italian ABC's and practice counting from 1-20 with illustrations and audio.

Italian Language Immersion Camp
Swimming, sole, and salame. Marshmallows, minestrone, and montagne. It may not evoke the traditional images of summer camp, but then, Lago del Bosco, the new Italian language and culture immersion camp, isn't a conventional program.

Italian Numbers For Children
Illustrated counting exercises in Italian for children. With audio.

Learn Italian With Your Children
It's never too early to learn a foreign language, whether it's nursery rhymes, counting exercises, or children's songs. Parents can introduce their children to a whole new world and encourage their appreciation of other cultures.

Start Italian in Your School
Start Italian language classes in your school with the Order Sons of Italy in America Adopt-A-School program, a national initiative designed to promote the study of Italian in public and private schools throughout the U.S.

Click on a letter to hear how to pronounce it and to see how to handwrite it. Also has an introduction to Italian punctuation.

Audio Storie e Favole per Bambini
Series of podcasts with recordings featuring children's stories and fables in Italian.

Italian links for kids broken down into channels such as songs, games, nursery rhymes, cartoons, hobbies, and school.

Meet Calimero, the famous cartoon character. Children can send postcards, read stories in English and Italian, play online activities, and learn more about the pulcino nero.

Children's Italian Books
Order books, courses, software, and videos to teach children Italian.

Corriere dei Piccoli
A children's version of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera with news, games, and many other resources.

Disney Italia
Topolino, Pippo, and all the rest are here, with interactive features such as an online coloring book, music, games, and cartoons.

Favole Infinite
Children can color these stories online as they click through the narrative.

Fiabe di Animali
Wonderful, robust site with many tales of "mischievous animals" plus other amusing stories.

Giornalino Online
Il grande giornale dei ragazzi! Fumetti, giochi, e-card!

The first Italian web search engine designed entirely for children.

Harry Potter e il Calice di Fuoco
Chapter by chapter reading notes in Italian of the latest Harry Potter book.

Il Paese dei Bambini che Sorridono
Large archive of material for children with sections such as festivals and traditions, stories, music, animals, travel, and legends.

Italian poems and songs for children. Includes titles such as Avevo Un Bel Pallone, Banana Cocco BaoBab, and Il Pesciolino e La Conchiglia.

Italy With Kids
Information and resources for children and their families traveling to Italy with a focus on food, music, history, and popular culture. Includes a newsletter, journal, games, and cards.

Mama Lisa's World: Italian
Hear audio clips of children's songs and rhymes. Accompanying text lets children sing along.

Mondo Bimbo
Links to games, stories, and animated cartoons for youngsters.

Games, fairy-tales, and information for new parents. A great resource for teaching children Italian.

Picture Dictionary: English-Italian
Illustrated dictionary for children and beginners.

Terrific Flash animation site for children has games, cards, and information on the magazine. Children can also submit their artwork for inclusion on the site.

Socrates Me Too
Online course for children to learn the basic words (colors, numbers, animals, foods) and phrases. Includes audio.

Storie del Gatto Sissi e del Topino
The stories of Sissi the cat and Topino the mouse have rich graphics and text and are geared towards the older set.

The Carousel of Languages
Language playgroup for infants and toddlers based in New York City. Playgroup includes traditional songs and activities using animals, arts & crafts, toys, music and story telling.

Verbo, Nome, o...Cosa?
Interactive word game. Look at the word in Italian and indicate whether it's a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, or article.

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