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Italian-English Dictionaries

Italian-English dictionaries, English-Italian dictionaries, and bilingual Italian dictionaries. Definitions provided in Italian and English (or Italian and other languages).

Italian-English Dictionary
Bilingual Italian-English dictionary organized by letter. Reference thousands of Italian words, each with the English translation.

Sicilian-English Dictionary
Sicilian-English dictionary with hundreds of Sicilian words translated into English.

English dictionary with multi-lingual search.

Beekeeper's Italian-English Dictionary
From queen bee (regina) to worker (operaia), get the buzz on Italian words related to bees, beekeeping, and honey.

Bird Names: A Translational Index
Search through a database of European bird names for the translation in nine languages including Italian and the scientific name of the species in Latin. The search interface to the database is available in six languages.

Climbing Dictionary: English - Italian/French
The "Dizionario dell'Arrampicata" has mountain climbing terms in English, Italian, and French.

Dictionary of Chemistry and Biotechnologies
An online English-to-Italian dictionary of chemistry, industrial chemistry and biotechnologies with 3000 entries. Updated weekly with new terms and acronyms.

Ditzionàriu Online
The Ditzionàriu de sa limba sarda is a dictionary of the Sardinian language with a large database of definitions, synonyms, and proverbs.

Dizionarietto: Italiano-Latino
Glossary of terms in Italian and Latin, the origin of all Romance languages.

Dizionario Aeronautico
Glossary of aviation and aeronautic terms in several languages.

Dizionario dei Ruoli Cinematografici
Glossary compiled by Cinesint listing film occupations in English and Italian.

Dizionario dei Termini Cinematografici
Over 10,000 terms and expressions in use in cinema and television, translated and with an explanation in Italian.

Dizionario del Mondo Birraio
Italian beer types, terms, and brewing techniques from A-Z.

Dizionario Medico Multilingue
Medical phrases and terms in Italian and several other languages. Contains dialogues and sample conversation describing ailments, medical history, and anatomical definitions.

Dizionario MTB Inglese-Italiano
Italian- English mountain bike terms.

Dizionario Nautico
Glossary of prinicipal nautical and mariner terms.

Dizionario Tecnico dell'Automobilismo
Collection of technical terms and words related to the automobile industry.

A multilingual terminological database of the European Commission's Translation Service. No more tower of Babel!

Financial Terminology Database
Glossary with over 5000 financial terms in English and Italian.

Fish Names in Seven Languages
Includes the scientific, English, and Italian names for a variety of fish and shellfish.

Florio's 1611 Italian / English Dictionary
Fascinating historical document, published in 1611, that can be downloaded in its entirety. The complete title is "Dictionary of the Italian and English Tongues collected for the Imperial Majesty of Anna, crowned queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, by John Florio, reader of the Italian unto her Majesty, and one of the Gentlemen of her Royal Privie Chamber."

Fotografia Reflex: Dizionario
English-Italian dictionary of photography.

Genealogy Glossary
Glossary of family history terms to aid those of Italian heritage in tracing their family history. Italian to English.

Glossario Archeologico
Extensive Italian-only illustrated glossary of archeological terms.

Glossario dei Termini del Karate
Glossary of karate terms. Martial arts with an Italian twist.

Glossario Subacqueo Italiano-Inglese
Italian-English diving glossary for the wetsuit crowd.

Heraldic Glossary
A fully illustrated, searchable glossary of over 500 heraldic terms in six languages.

Hoepli Dizionario Italiano-Inglese
Cerca la traduzione italiano-inglese o inglese-italiano.

Italian Tolkien Dictionary
Search engine and an index of names for fans of J. R. R. Tokkien's series of books.

Language portal with free multilingual dictionary offers bidirectional, single, and multiple words translation for a variety of languages. Also features language pairs, language alphabet, browser integrated language tools, and an anagram word game contest.

Medical Terms: Technical and Popular
Multi-lingual glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European languages.

Music Glossary
WIth diagrams and charts to explain musical composition. Includes translation in Italian, English, and several other languages.

Nomenclatura Chimica
Chemical nomenclature glossary in English and Italian.

Oxford-Paravia Concise
An Italian-English dictionary with over 75,000 entries. Enter an Italian word and see the English definition.

Photographic Terms Dictionary: Italian-English
Easy reference for photographic terms and references.

Programma Dizionario
Freeware dictionary program with more than 70 Italian-based dictionaries. Includes multi-ethnical and ethnical dictionaries, ancient Italian languages, and specialized glossaries in astronomy and photography.

Watson's Wine Glossary
Glossary of wine-related terms relating to tasting terminology, viticulture, vinification, and other wine-related topics.

Il dizionario italiano-inglese WordReference è un dizionario vivo, in continua crescita, specialmente adattato all'ambiente web.

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