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Italian Language Audio Lab

Listen to the Italian Word of the Day, Survival Phrases, ABC's, and Numbers


Listen to Italian as spoken by a native Italian speaker. There are vocabulary lists, conversational Italian, numbers, and Italian survival phrases. Listen to how each Italian language phrase is pronounced, read the written phrases, and repeat. Improve your listening skills with the Italian word of the day feature and learn how to speak Italian.

Audio Phrasebook

Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.


Hear green, white, red, and all the other colors in Italian!

Conversation For Children

Conversazione per i bambini—an afternoon at the beach, a birthday party, and more!

Fashion Pronunciation Guide

Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Versace and more.

Italian ABC's

Illustrated Italian alphabet for children. Hear both the letter and a sample word.

Numbers For Children

Illustrated counting exercises in Italian for children.

Italian Word of the Day

Hear a new word every day in Italian and a phrase using the word in an example.

Survival Phrases For Travelers

Essential words and phrases for visitors.
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