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Italian-English Dictionary
Bilingual Italian-English dictionary


pacchetto – packet
pacchiano – garish
pace – peace
padella – frying pan
padiglione – pavilion
padrone – master, owner, proprietor
pagare – to pay, to buy
pagina – page
pagliaccio – clown
palato – palate
palcoscenico – stage, boards
paletta – spade
palpare – to feel
palude – marsh
pancetta – bacon
paniera – basket, hamper
panificio – bakery
pantano – muddy land, swamp
papa – Pope
papà – dad, daddy, pop
papiro – papyrus
paradiso – paradise, heaven
paralume – lampshade
parare – to adorn, to decorate
parcheggiare – to park
parecchio – several, quite a few
parere – opinion
pascere – to graze
passaporto – passport
pavone – peacock
pecora – sheep
pedaggio – toll
pece – pitch
pecora – sheep
pedale – pedal
pedinare – to shadow
penna – feather, plumage
penuria – shortage, scarcity, lack
perdurare – to continue, to last, to go on
pericolo – danger, risk, hazard
pero – pear
perorare – to plead
perseguire – to pursue
piglio – to look
pizzicare – to pinch
polpo – octopus
portale – portal
portauovo – egg–cup
positivo – positive
predone – robber
preferire – to prefer
pregno – pregnant
pregustare – to look forward to
preistorico – prehistoric(al)
preporre – to place before
primavera – spring
primeggiare – to excel
principianti – beginners
profondo – deep
prolisso – verbose
promontorio – promontory
pronosticare – to predict
prontuario – handbook
prorompere – to burst out
prototipo – prototype
proverbio – proverb

Italian-English Dictionary

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