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Study Guides
Test your knowledge of Italian language topics!

Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various Italian language topics! A resource for measuring your competency on a variety of subjects relating to Italy, the Italian culture, and the Italian language. All of the answers can be found in the feature articles that accompany the study guides.

History of the Italian Language Study Guide
Are you familiar with the origins and development of the Italian language? Do you know what local Italian dialect became the language of a new nation?

Marconi: Grandfather of Wireless Communication Study Guide
Wondering who really invented the Internet? Do you know where the first U.S. transatlantic wireless broadcast was beamed from?

Il Presepe: The Tradition of Crèches Study Guide
Are you familiar with terms nativity and crèche? Do you know the history and tradition of il presepe?

The Origin of Musical Notation Study Guide
Have you ever listened to Julie Andrews sing "Do–Re–Mi" in The Sound of Music and wonder where those syllables originated?

When Speaking Italian Was a Crime Study Guide
Did you know that speaking Italian was once considered a crime? Test your knowledge of the World War II internment camps in the U.S..

Buon Natale! Christmas in Italy Study Guide
Know how to say Merry Christmas or Santa Claus in Italian? Can you name the originator of Christmas carols?

Italian Language Study Resources
Language Lessons: Italian grammar, spelling, and usage.
Audio Phrasebook: Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
Workbook Exercises: Worksheets, drills, activities, and review.
Buon Divertimento: Italian jokes, riddles, and puns.
Italian Verbs: Formation, moods, tenses, and table of conjugations.
Study Guides: Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various topics.
Audio Lab: Word of the day, survival phrases, ABC's, numbers, and conversation.


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