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Venetian / Venetan / Vèneto / Veneto

Venetian (Vèneto in Venetian and Veneto in Italian) is a Romance language spoken mostly in the Veneto region of Italy. Alternate names include Venetan, Vèneto, and Veneto.

Venetian (Lingua Veneta)
Veneto (also known as Vèneto, Vènet), spoken mostly in the Veneto region of Italy, is considered a minority Italian language and is distinct from Standard Italian.

Dictionary of the Venetian Language
Downloadable PDF dictionary of the "Łéngua Vèneta" and its variants.

El Galepin
Veneto-Italiano-English dictionary. Search in any of the three languages for the corresponding term in Venetian.

Lingua Veneta
Sito web dedicato alla lingua di un popolo dalle antiche radici, che ha saputo costruire una civiltà unica al mondo.

Quatro Ciàcoe
Monthly magazine of Venetian culture and traditions in dialect.

Raixe Venete
El jornale dei Veneti (online Venetian newspaper) focusing on culture, history, and current events.

Information on the Venetian language in Venetian, Italian, and English.

Tornén Un Pas Indrìo!
Samples of written and spoken Venetian by Francesco Artico.

Venice Street Signs in Venetian Dialect
Examples of Venetian street signs in dialect and suggestions on how to navigate in Venice.

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