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The Tower of Babel made intelligible. Links to Web-based Italian language translation of text and web pages. Sources for translators, translation services, and employment.

Translating Italian Into English
Translating English into Italian, or translating Italian into English? Avoid using machine translation—either software or an online service. The translation of complex Italian sentences into English, especially those with subjunctive forms, will generally be incorrect.

Language Boot Camp
Can learning a foreign language reduce the possibility of terrorist attacks in the US? One of the more eye–opening disclosures to arise after September 11 was the shocking lack of qualified linguists.

Who Needs Berlitz?
In the quest for a universal translator, spontaneous spoken language translation threatens traditional methods.

Aardvark Translation Services
Full-service translation includes business correspondence and annual reports, technical manuals, educational materials, academic and scholarly literature, and web localization.

While 80 percent of Web content is in English, nearly 70 percent of PC users are non-English-speaking. The company's free downloadable Windows dictionary will correctly pronounce an English word and then offer to translate it into one of 10 languages - including Chinese.

Communication Breakdown
A chart showing the primary method of a speech-to-speech engine for travelers, a translation system from Verbmobil, a coalition of German university and industry research labs.

Online translation service that provides online cost estimates for documents and Web sites. Companies can order, submit and manage their translations online.

European Commission Translation and Drafting Resources
The world's largest translation service is part of the European Union's mission to ensure "the right of every citizen to be informed and to be heard in his own language."

Free, easy-to-use web-based language translation service of text and web pages.

Mailing list of glossary URLs for translators is strictly a no-nonsense, no chat environment with more than 1,000 mono-, bi-, and multilingual glossary URLs.

Translation service offering human translation of terms and short phrases into the world's major languages, including Italian. Post a term or phrase in context with the desired target language and the members suggest translations along with explanations and references.

Company provides professional language translation and other services to clients and other translation agencies. Resources include news from the translation industry and a career guide for linguists interested in finding out more about the translation industry.

Systran Translation
Free online translation and downloadable software.

Talking to Strangers
The international effort to smash language barriers and create a borderless global marketplace.

Has thousands of professional linguists with expert backgrounds in virtually every subject area and region around the world.

Universal Translators
The world's machine translation research hubs.

Offers machine translation in 12 languages along with professional human translation in over 60 languages. Free online translation (text & web pages) to and from Italian and instant online quotes for professional Italian human translation services.

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