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Tests and quizzes to challenge your skills and measure your competency in the Italian language. Sharpen that pencil and prove your ability in writing, reading, listening, and speaking the language.

AP Italian Language Exam
The College Board Advanced Placement Program will begin offering the Advanced Placement Exam in Italian Language and Culture. The first college level courses will be offered in the fall of 2005 followed by the first AP Italian exam in May 2006.

AP Italian Language: Feasibility Study
The College Board AP Program is exploring the feasibility of offering a new AP course and exam in Italian language. Only with sufficient interest will the advanced placement program be offered to high school students of Italian language.

Arrivederci AP Italian Language and Culture
AP Italian to be discontinued? After only being offered as an advanced placement course for the past three years, Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture is slated to be eliminated after the May 2009 test.

CILS Exam - Italian Proficiency Test
Speak Italian? Prove it with the CILS Exam, the definitive proficiency examination to prove competence in the language.

So You Think You're Fluent in Italian?
You could sit for any number of tests to determine your Italian fluency. But what if you don't excel at exam-taking, or prefer a different way to rank your fluency? The ILR Scale can be used to rank your Italian language skills and, if fluency is your goal, identify areas for improvement.

The Italian Language Olympics: 2013-2014 Edition
Italian language students in Italy will participate in the fourth annual Italian Language Olympics. The linguistic competition raises awareness of Italian language instruction in schools and encourages students to improve their mastery of the language via contests that will take place in several stages at both the national and international level.

Who Wants to Be an Italian Language Expert?
Ever wonder what "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" might look like if there were only Italian language questions? «Chi Vuol Essere Milionario?» Take the quiz and find out how you would do (there are no prizes, the L. amounts only indicate difficulty).

Comprehensive overview of scoring parameters, materials, registration, and procedures for the Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana, the definitive proficiency examination to prove competence in the language.

Esame di Stato
The Education Ministry of Italy has information on the "new-look" Italian high school exams, or esame di stato, that include test examples.

Online Italian tests arranged by level, part of the Italian Language Update School Service.

Italian Language Proficiency Test
Based on standard grammar and vocabulary found in conventional language-learning materials and intended to measure your command of Italian regardless of your background in the language.

Italian Language Test Online
Online Italian language test. Discover your level of competency in the language.

On-line quizzing for the language software ItalianNow! has over 30 exercises including vocabulary, verb completion, multiple choice, and grammar.

Sample Italian Regents Exams
Download samples of New York State Italian Regents exams. Includes answer key.

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