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Sicilian Phrasebook

Greetings / Getting Along


Monreale: Detail of column capital

Monreale: Detail of column capital


Bon giornu.
Good morning.

Bona sira.
Good evening.

Bona notti.
Good night.


Comu si senti?
How are you?

Bonu, grazii, e Lei?
Fine, thanks, and you?

Unn c'è mali.
Not bad.

Piaciri di canuscirvi.
Pleased to meet you.


Parra inglisi?
Do you speak English?

Iu unn parru sicilianu.
I do not speak Sicilian.

Ma capisciu si parra chiù lentamenti.
But I'll understand if you speak more slowly.

Mi capisci si parru inglisi?
Do you understand me if I speak English?

C'è nessunu cca ca parra inglisi?
Does anyone speak English here?

Comu si dici in sicilianu...?
How do you say in Sicilian...?

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