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Sicilian Proverbs

Part 1: Sicilian Proverbs


Palermo: Vucciaria food market

Palermo: Vucciaria food market

A paisi unni chi vai, comu vidi fari fai.
English translation: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

A un povir'omu, ogni cani cci abbaja.
English translation: Every dog barks at a poor man.

Accatta caru e vinni mircatu.
English translation: Buy good quality and sell at the market price.

Accatta di quattru e vinni d'ottu.
English translation: Buy at the cost of four and sell at the cost of eight.

Ammuccia lu latinu 'gnuranza di parrinu.
English translation: Latin hides the stupidity of the priest.

Aprili fa li ciuri e le biddizzi, l'onuri l'havi lu misi di maju.
English translation: April makes the flowers and the beauty, but May gets all the credit.

Batti lu ferru mentri è càudu.
English translation: Strike while the iron is hot.

Baj vonn'essiri li cavaddi, li scecchi surci e li muli mureddi.
English translation: Horses should be bays, jackasses should be greys, and mules should be blackish.

Burrasca furiusa prestu passa.
English translation: A furious storm passes quickly.

Cani abbaia e voi pasci.
English translation: Dogs bark and oxen graze.

Cani di pagghiaru abbaia e sta luntanu.
English translation: A useless watch dog barks but stays far away.

Cu fa assai e nun ci abbada, spenni assai e 'un cogghi biada.
English translation: If you invest a lot but don't maintain it, you won't even harvest enough to re-seed.

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