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Sicilian / Siciliana / Sicilianu

Sicilian (U Sicilianu in Sicilian and Siciliana in Italian) is a Romance language spoken in Sicily and parts of southern Italy. Alternate names include Calabro-Sicilian, Sicilianu, and Siculu.

Arba Sicula: Promoting the Language and Culture of Sicily
Sicilian-Americans who want to explore their heritage, those wishing to study the Sicilian language, or anyone interested in learning more about the culture of the Mediterranean island, will be interested in Arba Sicula, the non-profit international organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicily.

Sicilian-English Dictionary
Sicilian-English dictionary with hundreds of Sicilian words translated into English.

Sicilian Phrasebook
Glossary of essential Sicilian terms. Topics include greetings, asking for directions, at the beach, shopping, and weather.

Sicilian Proverbs
Sicilian proverbs, Sicilian sayings, and Sicilan expressions with translation into English.

Top 10 Movies Set In Sicily
These movies are either about Sicily, set in Sicily, or about Sicilians. It's not just the Godfather trilogy!

Top 10 Sicilian Literature and Stories About Sicily
Sicilian literature and stories about Sicily. Classics originally written in Italian or the Sicilian dialect as well as stories about contemporary Sicily, including travel guides, an account of the 1990 mafia trials, and stories about the history of Sicily as well as the politics and geography of the island.

A Linghua Sishiliana
Introduction to Sicilian language phonetics and pronunciation, hence the title: linghua sishiliana.

Arba Sicula
International organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicily. Publishes a biannual newsletter as well as a Sicilian/English biannual journal that focuses on the literature, art, history, cuisine, and folklore of Sicily. Organizes lectures, poetry recitals, and annual tours of Sicily.

Altra Sicilia
Collection of articles from numerous sources centering on a variety of aspects about Sicily, such as the economy, culture, historical events, and current events.

Centro Studi Storico-Sociali Siciliani
The Center for Sicilian Social and Historical Studies has in-depth information on Sicilian culture, mythology, writers and poets, theater, books, CDs, photos, proverbs, and history.

59° Anniversario della Firma dello Statuto Siciliano
Site dedicated to the 59th anniversary of the signing of the Sicilian Statute, which granted Sicily status as a special region of Italy and self-governing powers.

Italian / Sicilian / English Vocabulary
Brief side-by-side list of words in Italian with their equivalents in Sicilian and English.

Comprehensive site dedicated to the Sicilian language includes an online course and forums.

Parole in Uso nel Dialetto Siciliano e loro Provenienza
List of Sicilian words and their origin (including Siculan, Greek, Arabic, and Franco-Provençal) collected by students at a primary school in Bagheria (a town in the province of Palermo).

Overview of Sicilian
Brief overview of the Sicilian language, its history, pronunciation, and patterns of use.

Salviamo il Siciliano
Dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the Sicilian language. With a brief history of the language, proverbs, terms in dialect, common expressions, poetry, and grammatical notes.

Sicilian-English Dictionary
Sicilian-English dictionary (or vocabbulariu, in Sicilian). Click on the Sicilian word for a brief description in English.

Sicilian Proverbs
A collection of more than 1,500 Sicilian proverbs translated into English.

Sicilian Wikipedia
Sicilian language edition of Wikipedia! Bonvinutu nta Wikipedia. Stamu sviluppannu n'enciclopedia n Sicilianu. Stu prugettu sicilianu accuminzau nta l'uttùviru 2004. Avemu tantu di fari e nn'abbisogna lu vostru aiutu!

Siciliana Attraverso i Secoli
A history of the Sicilian language with spelling examples and comparisons to Standard Italian.

The Sicilian Language
Overview of the Sicilian language with a discussion of the various influences on the language.

Vocabolario Siciliano - Italiano
Sicilian-Italian dictionary. Enter the Sicilian term to discover the corresponding Italian word and vice versa.

Yahoo! Gruppi Lingua Siciliana
Lo scopo di questo forum è quello di favorire la discussione tra i diversi membri e dare la possibilità anche ai siciliani che si trovano all'estero di praticare la propria lingua e a quelli interessati di imparla.

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