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Scholarships / Grants

Information on financing Italian academic programs and studies. Find scholarship and grant resources, internship applications, and fellowship news.

Italian Language Exchange Program
Five separate itineraries to be conducted in Spring 2001 offer ten-day all-expenses-paid trip for students. An In the Spotlight article from your Italian Language SiteGuide.

Augustus Society
This non-profit organization provides college scholarships to students of Italian-American descent based upon need and ability.

Dorothea van Dyke McLane Scholarship Program
The Dorothea van Dyke McLane scholarship program is open to all students who are permanent residents of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township and who are attending a four-year college. Awards are granted on the basis of achievement, character, motivation, and financial need and are subject to renewal throughout the recipient's undergraduate college career.

Grants for Italian Citizens
Borse di studio concesse dal Governo italiano a cittadini italiani stabilmente residenti all’estero.

ICI Scholarships and Grants
Merit-based scholarships and grants for those students who wish to study the Italian language and culture in Italy. Scholarships cover up to one month of tuition costs for language and culture courses.

NIAF Grant Program
For research projects focused on Italian-American heritage and culture and developing new information on social, cultural, and economic developments of Italian-Americans.

Villa I Tatti Fellowships
The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence, Italy, offers fellowships for post-doctoral scholars doing advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance.

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