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Francesco Petrarca: Canzoniere

Francesco Petrarca, one of the great early Renaissance humanists, wrote love poetry in the vulgar tongue. His Canzoniere had enormous influence on the poets of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Petrarca: Love Sonnets
Head-over-heels in love with Laura, Petrarca wrote 365 sonnets, one passionate poem a day dedicated to his true love. An In the Spotlight article from your Italian Language SiteGuide.

Ente Nazionale Francesco Petrarca
National Italian organization dedicated to Francesco Petrarca. Includes publications, congresses, and a list of exhibits.

Francesco Petrarch and Laura deNoves
Includes pictures, music, and writing, plus a section devoted to Laura de Noves, his poetic muse.

French Literary Nationalism in Petrarch's Last Controversy
Academic paper analyzes the rise of literary nationalism between France and Italy as demonstrated in medieval literature such as Petrarch's.

Harvard's Geoffrey Chaucer
Harvard's Chaucer dedication offers this essay about Petrarch's influence on English literature. See several excerpts of Petrarch's work.

Presents biographical data about this Italian scholar, poet, and humanist best-known for his devotion to Laura. See one of his sonnets in Italian and a bibliography of resources.

Petrarch - Latter Rain Page
Bio of Petrarch details his life as intellectual, manuscript collector, first poet laureate, and the man who ushered in modern thought.

Petrarch - Selected Letters
Browse selected letters written by the poet to Boccaccio and to Cicero.

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