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Top 10 Italian Grammar and Vocabulary Guides


There are Italian language learning materials for all levels of proficiency. Here is a list of recommended study materials such as grammar books, vocabulary phrase books, CDs, and tapes to help you improve your language skills.

1. 2001 Italian & English Idioms (2001 Locuzione Italiane e Inglesi)

Two separate alphabetical listings, one English-to-Italian, the other Italian-to-English, defines each idiom followed by an illustrative sentence in both languages. A wonderful source of insight into the target language and culture, reflecting values, important events, and national traditions. Includes bilingual indexes.
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2. 750 Italian Verbs and Their Uses

Unique aid for students, travelers, and other Italian language novices, this guide demonstrates how the meanings of verbs change in different contexts. The correct uses of the 750 most frequently used verbs are illustrated in common Italian phrases, with special emphasis given to dealing with unusual and troublesome expressions.
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3. Acquerello Italiano

The bimonthly audiomagazine for students of Italian language and culture. Cassette or CD is accompanied by a magazine with a word-for-word transcript of the program and a glossary of certain grammatical constructions. The optional study supplements emphasize listening exercises, grammar drills and comprehension exercises.

4. Berlitz Kids Italian Language Pack

Comprehensive product for children, this starter kit has a storybook and cassette, a flash card pack, a picture dictionary with 100 Italian words, and a parent's guide to help your child with a foreign language. There's also an "official" certificate for kids to join the Berlitz Kids Italian Club. Recommended age range: 5 to 9.
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5. Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Italian

There are many ways to describe the second edition of this book—new and improved! idiot-proof! better than ever!—but one thing is certain: what was already a comprehensive approach to learning la bella lingua has now become an even more exhaustive resource with new and exciting features that will enrich your Italian language learning experience and motivate you in unimaginable ways.
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6. English Grammar for Students of Italian

Explains the grammatical terms and concepts encountered in Italian textbooks and relates them to English grammar. With explanations and numerous examples comparing English and Italian and the similarities and differences in the languages.
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7. Italian: A Language Map

Ingenious alternative to those phrase books and dictionaries that can prove bulky when traveling. Laminated fold–out map format is convenient and quick, and all the basics are here, especially for beginners. A good resource for travelers.
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8. Italian Stories/Novelle Italiane: A Dual–Language Book

Designed for the language student as well as the lover of fine literature, this convenient dual-language book features eleven great short stories—each one appearing in the original Italian, with English translations on facing pages. Arranged chronologically so that the growth of the literary art may be followed each story is prefaced by a concise biographical/critical introduction.
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9. LanguageNow!

Multimedia CD-ROM from Transparent Language has a variety of activities for improving your Italian language skills. Features conversation practice,vocabulary-building word lists, vowel graphs to aid in pronunciation analysis, a printable manual in addition to the online help, and games such as crossword puzzles. Full-screen video, audio, and illustrations enhance the interactive experience.

10. Living Language Complete Course: Italian

A complete, step-by-step guide to the basics of Italian conversation and grammar. Includes 40 lessons on three compact disks, an Italian coursebook with English translations, verb charts with all tenses and a comprehensive summary of Italian grammar, and an English-Italian dictionary.
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