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We Don't Take Reservations

Restaurant Types in Italy


Restaurants in Italy include the autogrill, or roadside snack bar; the osteria, an informal place; the trattoria, which is a medium-priced, often family-run eating establishment; and the paninoteca, a place where sandwiches and salads are often available. You only need to make reservations if you are planning to go to one of the most expensive restaurants. If that is the case, use the expression vorrei fare una prenotazione (I would like to make a reservation). If, for example, it's a reservation for two people at 8:00 PM, the complete phrase would be: Vorrei fare una prenotazione per due alle otto.

Tipping Included
Both il servizio (service charge/tip) and il coperto (cover charge for bread and water) are usually included in il conto (the bill). By Italian law, the gratuity is included in the bill, and extra tipping isn't necessary. If the service warrants it, leave your waiter a little extra.

Keep The Change
What else do you need to know? Well, to ask for the bill, say: Il conto, per favore. And if you want the waiter to keep the change, say: Tenga pure il resto. For other vocabulary you might find useful when you find yourself at the Italian restaurant, see the table below.

Vocabulary: Table Service
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