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Italian Phonology - Italian Language - About.com
What is phonology? According to Marina Nespor, Italian linguist and author of the book "Fonologia," it is "that branch of grammar that is occupied with the sounds ...
Italian Linguistics - Italian Phonology - Italian Semantics - Italian ...
Italian linguistics is the scientific study of the Italian language. Italian linquistics includes such topics as phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.
phonology - definition and observations - Grammar & Composition
Phonology is the branch of linguistics concerned with the study of speech sounds with reference to their distribution and patterning.
Segment (Phonology) - Definition and Examples
Linguist John Goldsmith has described segments as "vertical slices" of the speech stream ("An Overview of Autosegmental Phonology" in Linguistic Analysis, ...
French Phonetics and Phonology - Phonétique et Phonologie ...
French Phonetics and Phonology - Phonétique et Phonologie françaises. Links to helpful resources related to the study of French sounds.
Metathesis Definition (Phonetics and Phonology)
Definition and examples of metathesis in phonetics and phonology.
Definition and Examples of Phonological Words
"[T]he phonological word represents the interaction between phonology and morphology in that a phonological word either corresponds to a morphological word ...
Phonetics - Definition and Observations - Grammar & Composition
English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course, 4th ed., by Peter Roach ... the boundaries between the disciplines of phonetics and phonology are not ...
Lexicology - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
"[I]t may be thought at first sight that phonology does not interact with lexicology in any significant manner. But a close analysis will reveal that, in many cases, the ...
Epenthesis - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
In phonology and phonetics, epenthesis is the insertion of an extra sound into a word.
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