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What Is the Papacy of the Catholic Church? - Catholicism - About.com
When used in the context of the Catholic Church, the papacy refers to the office of pope, the successor of St. Peter.
The Papacy of the Catholic Church - Catholicism - About.com
The papacy is the term for the office and the authority of the pope of Rome, the successor to Saint Peter as bishop of Rome and head of the universal Church.
Was Peter the First Pope? How the Papacy Originated
Catholics believe that the bishop of Rome inherits the mantle of Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ who was entrusted with the administration of his church after he ...
Popes and the Papacy: History, Doctrines, News About Popes and ...
It is the office of the papacy and the assumed link back to the original apostles that differentiates Roman Catholicism from other Christian denominations.
The Papacy in the Middle Ages - Medieval History - About.com
The Avignon Papacy was the period in the 14th century when the popes lived in and operated out of Avignon, France, instead of their traditional home in Rome.
Roman Catholic Pope: History and Nature of the Papacy
Catholicism FAQ: learn about the history of the papacy from the earliest days of Christianity down through modern times for Catholics.
Avignon Papacy - When the Popes Resided in France
Definition of the Avignon Papacy: The term "Avignon Papacy" refers to the Catholic papacy during the period 1309-1377, when the popes lived in and operated ...
Early Church Administration & Papal Elections: When Popes were ...
Related Articles. Was Peter the First Pope? Test Your Trivia of the Roman Catholic Papacy · What Is the Roman Catholic Pope?
The Popes At Avignon: Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy - History ...
Today the papacy is intimately associated with Rome. The pope does, after all, claim to derive his authority from being the direct successor of the apostle Peter, ...
Roman Catholic Papacy 101
Reviewed here are basic questions about how the papacy developed, whether popes are infallible, debates about who has been pope, and more.
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