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Italian Language Summer Study Vacations
Part 1: Learn Italian While On Vacation In Italy
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Enhance your summer vacation with learning the Italian language! Whether it’s pottery classes on the Adriatic, learning about frescos in Florence, or studying on the island of Sicilia, there’s no better way to combine learning the Italian language with a valued skill while vacationing in enchanting Italy.

The vacation programs listed below are just a sample of the variety available during the sultry summer months. And for other times of the year, there are a plethora of Italian language academic programs that have formal lessons and classes, such as Università per Stranieri di Perugia, the oldest and most prestigious center of Italian language education.

The British Institute: Summer at Massa Marittima
Beat the torrid summer heat and vacation in the beautiful medieval hill town of Massa Marittima, a few kilometers from the Tuscan coast and close enough to visit neighboring cities such as Siena and Florence. In August the British Institute offers opera and language courses on the Tuscany coast town, where open-air opera performances are held the first week of August and the annual crossbow tournament takes place town-wide.

Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini
Study Italian at the Tuscan seaside. Viareggio is one of the traditional and famous seaside resorts of Tuscany, with wide, endless beaches, excellent cusine and an exciting nightlife with well-known discos. The school organizes several culture and leisure activities including guided art history visits to Pisa, Pietrasanta, and Lucca, seminars on Italian movies and Italian songs, and a spaghettata sul mare (a spaghetti party on the strand).

Centro Internazionale di Studi Deradiani: Summer Language Program
Study in the original 16th-century villa of the poet Girolamo De Rada, with its relaxing garden, and stay in an apartment or villa, or with an Italian family. Located in the Italian coastal town in the region of Calabria, which has historical roots in the cultures of ancient Greece, Albania, Normandy and Byzantium, the comprehensive summer language program also allows time to learn how to cook local dishes, enjoy cultural events, listen to classical music concerts, and attend lectures by prominent Italian and international scholars.

EduVacations allows travelers to combine language study with a sport or art during their vacation. Program highlights include: drawing, painting, and watercolor in the hills of Chianti while staying at a 15th-century villa; language and culture lessons in Taormina, Sicily; and cooking classes in a 16th-century palazzo in Venice.

Porta d'Oriente
Students can combine Italian language and culture courses with extra-curricular cultural and recreational activities such as weekly Italian films, festivals, theatre and music. Guided excursions are offered every weekend, and the school also offers students the opportunity to take part in exciting and unusual field trips that may include spending a day at sea with local fishermen, learning traditional folk dances, discovering the countryside with organized hikes or the beautiful coast with boat–trips, and even working side–by–side with archaeologists in the several archaeological sites of Salento.

Valle Christi Summer Drama Workshop
Course for students interested in learning more about Italian theatre, in terms of production, organization, and communication. Takes place during the Festival Internazionale Valle Christi, hosted by Rapallo in the Valle Christi complex among the monastery ruins. The festival program includes music, theatre and dance. During the workshop, which runs from July 13 to August 10, 2008, students will have informal encounters with special guests performing in the festival.

In addition to theatre work, students will study basic Italian and a modular course on Italian culture, politics, history, and sociology. At the end of the course, students will showcase their talents and what they learned in a theatre performance.

Vatican Observatory Summer School
While not technically a language school, the uniqueness of the program deserves mention. Study selected topics under a renowned faculty of senior scholars at the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, at its headquarters at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

Villa Dante School
Spend your holiday in the southern Italian coastal town of Tropea in Calabria. Three levels of classes with a focus on the CILS exam and excursions to the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, the castle of Gerace, and the Mt. Etna volcano.

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