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Italian Slang Dictionary–Adult Section
Expletives, off-color phrases, euphemisms, epithets


magnaccia m. pimp (from the Roman magnare, a variation of the verb mangiare, meaning "to eat," i.e., "someone who eats with other people's money.
manico m. sex maniac.
merda f. (vulgar) excrement.
merdaio m. dung-heap; filthy or disgusting place.
merdoso a. filthy, disgusting.
meretrice f. prostitute, whore.
meretricio m. prostitution, whoredom, harlotry.
mignotta f. (vulgar) whore, slut.
minchia m. (rude) penis.
minchione m. (f. -a) (vulgar) fool, idiot.
minchioneria f. (vulgar) foolishness, idiocy.
mostrare il dito medio exp. to give the finger; (lit.): to show the middle finger.

Italian Adult Slang

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