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Italian Slang Dictionary–Adult Section
Expletives, off-color phrases, euphemisms, epithets


faccia di culo f. a butt-ugly person; used as an insult, referring to a big jerk; (lit.): face of a [buttocks].
faccia di merda f. a very despicable person, an asshole, a bastard, a son of a bitch; (lit.): a face of [feces].
faccia di stronzo f. a very despicable person, a bastard, a son of a bitch; (lit.): turd head.
fare l'amore, all'amore v. to make love to.
fare aria exp. to fart; (lit.): to make air.
fare i gattini exp. to throw up, to barf one's guts up; (lit.): to have kittens.
fare un peto/una peta exp. to fart; (lit.): to make a fart.
fare una figura di merda exp. to make a [poor] impression, to embarrass oneself; (lit.): to make a figure of [excrement].
fare una puzza exp. to fart; (lit.): to make a stink.
farsi bello(a) v. to doll oneself up.
farsi una canna to have a joint.
farsi una ragazza (trivial) to score with a girl.
fesso v. (vulgar) silly, stupid, foolish, idiotic; fare il fesso to play the fool.
fessacchione/a n. a [complete] idiot; (lit.): big idiot.
fica f. (vulgar) euphemish for female genitals.
fighetta f. a sexy girl, a hot chick; (lit.): a cute little vagina.
figlio di puttana m. (vulgar) son of a bitch.
filmaccio m. a bad or dirty movie.
finire in merda exp. to end miserably; (lit.): to end in [excrement].
finocchio m. (vulgar) queer, fairy, gay.
fottere v. (vulgar) to have sexual intercourse.
fottersene v. (vulgar) not to give a damn.
fottuto a. (vulgar) taken advantage of, damned.
fregarsene v. (vulgar) not to give a damn (di about): Me ne frego dei suoi ordini I don't give a damn about his orders; E chi se ne frega? Who gives a damn?
frocio s.m. (vulgar) homosexual, faggot.
fuori come un balcone drunk.

Italian Adult Slang

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