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Italian-English Dictionary
Bilingual Italian-English dictionary


vacante – vacant
vacanza – vacation
vagare – to wander
vaglia – money order
vago – vague
valanga – avalanche
valaroso – valiant
valente – skilful
valevole – valid
valletto – valet
valoroso – valiant
vampiro – vampire
vandalo – vandal
vaneggiare – to rave
vaniglia – vanilla
vaporizzare – to vaporize
varcare – to cross
varicella – chicken pox
vasca – tub
vegliare – to be awake
veleno – poison
venticello – breeze
ventre – stomach
verdetto – verdict
vergogna – shame, embarassment
verme – worm
versante – slope
veterinario – veterinary
vetta – peak
vezzo – habit
vicinanza – nearness
vigile – watchful, vigilant, alert
vigna – vineyard
villaggio – village
viottolo – path
vipera – viper
visconte – viscount
viscoso – viscous
visone – mink
vittoriano – Victorian
vivaio – fish reserve
vivezza – liveliness, vivacity
viuzza – narrow lane
vivificare – to enliven
vizio – vice
vizzo – withered, faded
vocabolo – word
vocazione – vocation
vogare – to row, to oar
voglia – wish, desire
volpe – fox
volgo – common people
volantino – leaflet
volare – to fly
voltaggio – voltage
volteggiare – to circle, to vault
voltavite – screwdriver
vomere – ploughshare, spade
vongola – clam
voragine – abyss
vorticare – to whirl, to swirl, to eddy
votaccio – bad mark
votare – to vote
vulcano – volcano
vuotare – to empty, to drain
vuoto – empty

Italian-English Dictionary

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