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Italian-English Dictionary
Bilingual Italian-English dictionary


abate – abbot
abbacchiato – downhearted
abbacchio – spring lamb
abbecedario – primer
abilmente – skillfully, cleverly
accetta – hatchet
acero – maple
aceto – vinegar
adagio – slowly
addome – abdomen
abbacchio – spring lamb
affardellare – to bundle together, to pack
affinché – so that; in order that
affittacamere – landlord
agnello – lamb
alice – anchovy
aliscafo – hydrofoil
alleanza – alliance
allenare – to train
alluce – big toe
alluvione – flood
almeno – at least
altana – covered roof terrace
altura – hill
ambra – amber
ametista – amethyst
ammattire – to go mad
ammiccare – to wink
ammobiliare – to furnish
amuleto – amulet
anello – ring
anguria – watermelon
annacquare – to water down
anta – shutter
antartico – Antarctic
antefatto – prior event
anteporre – to put before
anteprima – preview
antilope – antelope
anziché – rather than
ape – bee
appunto – exactly
apriscatole – can opener
arachide – peanut
aragosta – lobster
arancia – orange
arazzo – tapestry
arcaico – archaic
arcangelo – archangel
arcobaleno – rainbow
argento – silver
aritmetica – arithmetic
arzillo – sprightly
ascella – armpit
asparago – asparagus
assentarsi – to absent oneself
asso – ace
assoldare – to recruit
attendibile – reliable
attenersi – to attend to
attirare – to attract
attore – actor
autoritratto – self–portrait
avorio – ivory
avvelenare – to poison
azalea – azalea

Italian-English Dictionary

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