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Italian Audio Phrasebook
Vocabulary of essential terms by topic

Cooking Terms and Techniques / Le Tecniche ed I Termini Culinari
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apron il grembiule
baked al forno
barbecued ai ferri
boiled bollito
broiled on a spit allo spiedo
frozen food il surgelato
grilled alla griglia
ingredients gli ingredienti
microwave il microonde
pan la padella
pot la pentola
recipe la ricetta
steamed al vapore
stewed in umido
stuffed farcito
to boil bollire
to brown soffriggere
to cook cuocere
to cut tagliare
to halve, cut in half dimezzare
to fry friggere
to peel sbucciare
to skin spellare
to smoke affumicare
to stir, mix mescolare

Italian Language Study Resources
Language Lessons: Italian grammar, spelling, and usage.
Audio Phrasebook: Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
Workbook Exercises: Worksheets, drills, activities, and review.
Buon Divertimento: Italian jokes, riddles, and puns.
Italian Verbs: Formation, moods, tenses, and table of conjugations.
Study Guides: Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various topics.
Audio Lab: Word of the day, survival phrases, ABC's, numbers, and conversation.


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