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Italian Audio Phrasebook
Vocabulary of essential terms by topic

At The Movies / Al Cinema
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auditorium la sala degli spettatori
cartoon i cartoni animati
cinema il cinema
color film il film a colori
documentary il documentario
drive–in movie il cinema all’aperto
dubbed doppiato
dubbing il doppiaggio
educational film il film educativo
feature film il lungometraggio
film il film
film actor l’attore cinematografico
film festival il festival cinematografico
film screening la proiezione
motion picture theater la sala cinematografica
movie il film
movie house il cinema
preview la rassegna dei film
screen lo schermo
screenplay il copione
short subject il cortometraggio
subtitled sottotitolato
thriller il film giallo
usher la maschera

Italian Language Study Resources
Language Lessons: Italian grammar, spelling, and usage.
Audio Phrasebook: Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
Workbook Exercises: Worksheets, drills, activities, and review.
Buon Divertimento: Italian jokes, riddles, and puns.
Italian Verbs: Formation, moods, tenses, and table of conjugations.
Study Guides: Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various topics.
Audio Lab: Word of the day, survival phrases, ABC's, numbers, and conversation.


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