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Italian Language Lessons
Grammar, spelling, and usage

Italian Punctuation Marks
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Punctuation Marks / Segni d’Interpunzione

, la virgola
. il punto
; il punto e virgola
: due punti
... i puntini di sospensione
! il punto esclamativo
? il punto interrogativo
il trattino
la lineetta
«» le virgolette
() le parentesi tonde
[] le parentesi quadre
* l'asterisco
á l’accento acuto
à l’accento grave
/ la sbarretta

Italian Language Study Resources
Language Lessons: Italian grammar, spelling, and usage.
Audio Phrasebook: Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
Workbook Exercises: Worksheets, drills, activities, and review.
Buon Divertimento: Italian jokes, riddles, and puns.
Italian Verbs: Formation, moods, tenses, and table of conjugations.
Study Guides: Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various topics.
Audio Lab: Word of the day, survival phrases, ABC's, numbers, and conversation.


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