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How To Conjugate Italian Verbs Like A Native


Verbs are essential to communicating in any foreign language, and Italian verbs have a consistent, logical pattern of conjugation. These quick, step-by-step instructions will explain the three Italian verb categories, suggest ways to begin your studies, and teach you how to conjugate verbs like a native.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: one year

Here's How:

  1. Learn the present tenses of avere (to have) and essere (to be) first. They form the keystone to all other Italian verb conjugations.
  2. Although it may be seem tedious, memorize the endings for each class of verbs to facilitate conjugation skills.
  3. Understand that Italian verbs fall into three conjugations depending on the endings of the infinitive: 1) -are, 2) -ere, and 3) -ire. The stem of regular verbs is obtained by dropping the infinitive ending.
  4. Recognize that Italian verbs are conjugated in the various persons, numbers, and tenses by adding the proper ending to the stem.


  1. In English the infinitive (l'infinito) consists of to + verb.
  2. Note that in the third person plural the stress falls on the same syllable as in the third person singular form.
  3. Consult a table of verb endings to determine the correct tense.
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